New Isilex CSS Templates for Bible Historiale Database

Our goal is to produce an interactive database and catalogue of manuscripts of the Bible historiale and related Bible du XIIIe siècle. Together, in their various combinations, permutations and expanded versions, these two thirteenth-century prose translations constituted the French Bible for some 200 years. This project completes and improves upon existing print and online catalogues to exploit the non-hierarchical analytic capabilities and user-determined data output possibilities that digital technologies bring to bear on the study of large corpuses. Particular interest will be given to the varied modular construction of medieval French Bibles using multiple translation and glossing sources. Users will be able to browse and compare manuscript profiles by multiple criteria (physical descriptions, textual contents by book, illumination, etc.), perform ranked searches, view and annotate “virtual” books, and generate customized spreadsheets, charts and maps for use in their research.

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